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 Studio Policies    

Piano Keys

Thanks for your time to read studio policy below. It applies to all students.


Tuition: All lesson must be finished within required period. 5 weeks for monthly plan and 12 weeks for 10-lesson plan. Unfinished lesson/s won’t be rolled over to next period. 


Payment Schedule: Tuition will be collected in full amount before chosen plan starts. Continued students can make full payment no later than 72 hours after last lesson. There will be $20 fee for late payment. It is not instructor’s responsibility to hold the time slot after 72 hours and may release the time slot to any students who request at the time.


Payment Method: Cash or personal check are accepted ($20 fees for returned check). Chase Bank Quickpay with Zelle, Venmo, Paypal is also available.


Cancellation and lateness: If you need to skip or reschedule any lesson, please give instructor no less than 24- hour notice. Any no show, reschedule or cancelling within 24-hour won’t receive make-up lessons and students will automatically forfeit the lesson unless health emergency with doctor’s note. All make-up lessons will be scheduled within plan period (5 weeks for monthly and 12 weeks for 10-lesson) according to teacher’s availability.  Lesson won’t be extended due to students’ lateness. However, instructor is responsible for any cancellation or lateness caused by her.


Termination: No refund for terminating the lessons before plan ends unless inevitable cases like relocating or health emergency with doctor’s note.

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